Travelling during Corona times. Which travel documents do you need?

Will you be travelling abroad from Belgium in the coming period? The article below clarifies the conditions you have to respect and the documents you need to have.

Non-essential travel, i.e. travel to and from Belgium for tourist purposes, is prohibited until Sunday, 18 April 2021. During this period only essential travel is allowed. Attention: Each country decides for itself if its borders will be opened for Belgian travellers during this Covid-19 period or not.

Essential travel

As mentioned, only so-called essential trips abroad are allowed. This includes trips for work, study reasons, compelling family reasons, etc. These trips are only allowed if specific conditions are fulfilled.

Conditions for travelling abroad

Conditions for travelling abroad. As before, you must always have your passport or identity card with you. 

  • In addition, everyone older than 18 must be in possession of a declaration of honour when travelling to or from Belgium. This declaration must state whether your journey in this Corona period is considered essential.
  • If possible, this declaration of honour should be supplemented by a ''supporting document'' such as an official certificate from the employer.
  • Many countries require a negative Covid-19 test to be presented on arrival. In most cases this involves a PCR test. Be sure to check which conditions you need to fulfil before travelling to the country involved. 

Antigen and antibody tests

Neither antigen nor antibody testing can substitute a negative PCR test.

For further information on local Covid-19 measures and the validity of Corona tests abroad, please consult the following website: